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sound deadener

Sound deadener, anti-stone protective, re-coatable

Sound deadener, stone-chip resistant compound, based on alkyd resins; it can be sprayed on any part where protection is needed against corrosion and hitting stones, together with good soundproofing effect. It features quick drying, good flexibility, excellent adhesion, as well as excellent protective properties; it is also resistant to bumps, abrasion, gasoline and mineral oils. The strong thixotropic properties allows good spraying fluidity with no running on vertical surfaces. After drying, it can be overcoated with any type of finishing enamel or varnish.

→ Overcoatable
→ Excellent protective properties
→ Good flexibility


Recommended for use in bodyshop work on car bottoms, underside of fenders, lower door parts, motor compartment and trunks. Also suitable for industrial applications as a soundproofing and thermal insulator of metallic sheet plate (doors, screens, etc.).

Spray gun for sound deadener compound
Shake well before use

Technical data

Dry film aspect

Semi-gloss, embossed textured effect

Dust free

30 min

Recoat after

30 min

Dry through

24 h

Recommended thickness

min. 200 μm – max. 500 μm

→ Dilution

Ready to use

→ Cover rate

3 - 4 m²/kg with 2 coats

Unit size
1015 White

1 kg

3012 Black

1 kg

3082 Light grey

1 kg

3745 Dark grey

1 kg

Technical data sheet

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