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Two-pack sound deadener sealing compound

Two-pack polyurethane sealing compound, with excellent protective, sound deadening and waterproofing properties. Creamy and thixotropic, it can be applied in high thickness on vertical surfaces without sagging or dripping. It has a micro-cellular structure of closed cells featuring the possibility to be compressed and deformed in order to have a very good bump absorbing, sound-deadening and flexibility qualities. It has a very good chemical stability and is insensible to water, salt, solvent, hot oil, battery acid and chemical agents as a rule. Stable to heat up to and over 100°C (212°F). It shows long lasting flexibility and it will not come off even after long periods of strong vibrations. It can be overcoated “wet-on-wet” or, after drying, with any type of paint or enamel. Good adhesion to iron, fillers, primers, old paints, fibreglass, rigid plastics. If used over plated or galvanised steel and light alloys, apply a first coat of an adhesion primer.

→ Excellent protective, sound deadening and waterproofing features


It is the best product to spray under the fenders and in the lower car panels as a high grade sound-deadener stone-chip compound, or to seal the joints of overlapping or spot welded plates, to avoid any stagnating water and prevent both water and air to get through. In the industrial field it is used as an excellent antirust and sound-deadening protective compound for bonnets, gearboxes, screens, and all metal parts in contact with water or in chemical environments.

Spray gun for sound deadener compound

Technical data


20 min

Recoat after

5 - 10 min

Touch dry

30 - 60 min

Dry through

8 h

→ Dilution

10% max with 1611 DIL EXTRA PU to get a smooth surface

Unit size
1100 Beige

1 kg A+B

0,5 kg A+B

3003 Grey

1 kg A+B

0,5 kg A+B

3012 Black

1 kg A+B

0,5 kg A+B


Curing ratio: 85:15 in weight
Hardener B: 4902 for SEALING CAR

Technical data sheet



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